My name is Brandon Bennett.  I am a graduate from Gnomon School of Visual effects, also with a dual major from California State University Fullerton in both animation and illustration.  My education and experience has focused on using programs like Maya and Zbrush to create 3D assets for films and games.  I take fun and unique concepts from idea to finished model, including hand painted textures, and final renders in either Vray, Marmoset or Unreal.  I will even rig and animate my creations to give them an extra touch of life.  My skill set also has recently expanded into FX simulations and destruction.  I have had the pleasure to work for Digital Domain creating hi quality art for projects like "Halo : The Master Chief Collection" as well as Disney's "The Jungle Book."  I am currently working at Treyarch making amazing games.  

    I am a very inquisitive and driven person with a passion for creating.  While growing up in southern California I was surrounded by energetic and creative friends.  Together we dreamt up worlds and looked forward to the day we could experience these worlds on the screen.  As my enthusiasm for gaming and film has only grown over the years I continue to chase this dream.  Using every medium at my disposal, including digital modeling, drawing  and even video game level editors, I have brought art to life while learning innovative ways to tell an engaging story and integrate new ideas.  I want to create experiences that bring together characters and story in a unique way to create thriving worlds to be immersed in rather than simply observed.  It is my goal to be an inspiring member of the teams I work with and together make something amazing.